My first blog post!

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So I decided to add a blog to my portfolio website! The reason is, I’m moving around a lot and my life is pretty exciting right now. I’m back in Berlin after a few months traveling and some time back home in Australia. So I have a lot to blog about, and hopefully it’s of some interest to others!

I’ve been trying to re-ignite my drawing, something that has been dormant for a long time. I have sketch books full of scribbles, ideas, some close to complete portraits and other art – but it’s been a too long since I picked up a sketch book. Well, since last time I was in Berlin! But even then I feel I was just getting back in to the habit of keeping a sketch book when I put it down again.

So I’m back here in Berlin, and once again I’m feeling inspired! I’ve been sketching and scribbling notes and ideas every day. I have also joined a ‘meetup’ group to do some Life Drawing.

In the following weeks I hope to blog my progress on improving my drawing skills, and show some of my sketch book work and some Life Drawing too.

To start off with, here are a couple of pages out of my sketch book so far 🙂

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