More from the cuddly series

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Here are a few more lead pencil drawings of animals from the last few days.

First the very relaxed Kangaroo, drawn from a photo taken about a year ago in Halls Gap, Grampians Australia. This one took around 5.5 hrs and was done with pacer and 2b.

Next was a cat from Either Thailand or Malaysia, taken in 2017. For this I used mostly 4b pencil, and some finer detail with a pacer (druck stift, I just learned!). Using 4b it is a little darker with more solid blacks and less fine detail. This one took around 4.5 hrs to complete.

The last one I completed was a black crow, I think I took this shot somewhere way up the East Coast of Australia late in 2015 – maybe up as far as Mackay. This one is completed mostly with pacer and took just under six hours to complete.

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