More pencil drawings – an overdue upload

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These drawing were completed in July 2017 while I was in Berlin and then later in Leipzig. Some were drawn while I was staying in Hostels, where I’d set up at a table in the kitchen, bedroom or common room. I decided to move on from animals and started drawing a few landscapes, buildings and interesting compositions. I went through my travel pics from around Europe and Asia, and found some nice scenes to base my sketches on.

The first drawing is from a photo I took of a stairwell in Rembrandt’s house in Amsterdam. Size is A3 and and it took just over three hours.

The next is from a photo I took in Koh Samui Thailand early in 2017. I gave this to a friend as a gift. It’s A3 and took 6.5 hours to complete.


The following three images are from photos that I took while I was visiting friends in Venice in 2016. Venice is a beautiful city, it was hard to choose the photos to draw. The first is of a Gondola’s passing by into a thin canal while I was standing on a bridge. It’s A3 and took 12 hours to complete.


The next image was taken at night with the camera on a tiny wire tripod. The lighting was nice and I managed to capture an image of a high enough quality to make a nice sketch from. Size is A3, pencils used were very soft lead – 4b, 6b and 8b,  and time to complete was 11 hours.


The last image of Venice is A4 and took around 8 hours to complete.



The next sketch is from a photo taken in Lisbon, Portugal in 2016. Lots of buildings in Lisbon had interesting and unique tile designs.  In this image there’s a small amount of patterned tiles, but some other buildings were entirely patterned with colourful tile designs. The size is A3, I used a range of soft and hard pencils, and time to complete was 17 hours.

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